School Buildings: How They Boost The Perception of Education

Schools are treated unlike any other venues or place in a community. Usually such institutions are blessed with decent architecture and good facilities. This is largely because schools need to earn respect and trust of parents, who expect an environment conducive to learning for their children.

School buildings and their quality and structure play important roles in bolstering people’s perceptions of education and learning. No parent wants to send his child to a run-down, uncomfortable school.

Are you aware that in most countries, government budgets on education are spent more on building school structures and facilities than paying teachers and investing in good learning materials?

That is the reason why many global governments complain about the currently higher costs of education. Are they to blame when most people generally agree with that notion? Most parents believe that beautiful and attractive environments are more suited to help children open up to learning.

This largely has to do with the psychological concept of association and the almost universal thinking that education is guided and influenced by the surroundings. To most people, education could not be facilitated in a place that is less conducive for learning.

This view is most likely true. How can students be expected to focus on studies if they are distracted by the inferiority of their classrooms? How will teachers have the drive to teach if they are unmotivated due to poor infrastructure and facilities?

Parents draw appropriateness from identifiable and physical features. It’s not surprising, then, that many of them judge schools with the most beautiful campuses as among the best, without even looking into the overall quality of education available there. This causes schools to work harder to beautify and upgrade their facilities and buildings while accepting new students.

In developing nations, schools are more likely to be judged by their cleanliness and aesthetic appearance. Many parents and children complain about the lack and low quality of education, without really assessing the quality of teaching and mode of instructions. This perception is very much alive not just in third-world countries but also in more developed ones.

In the US, it is common knowledge that school infrastructure comprises a large chunk of the investment that goes into setting up an educational institution. In fact, many schools across the US are designed by famous architects. Most people would be in awe if they happened to visit and appreciate the splendid architecture of some of the famous campuses on that side of the planet.

In the view of real educators, education should go beyond such superficialities. The students who are most willing and motivated to learn will open their minds to learning, no matter how bad their surroundings are. The best driven teachers will always strive to teach no matter how distracted and unmotivated they are.

You must have your own fond memories of your school lives. If you were one of those people who were fortunate to study in a good institution, you could argue that your education would not have been complete if not for a beautiful and conducive school building.

While such structures are important, parents should not forget that the content, quality, and overall effectiveness of curriculum and teaching modes are far more important than just the facilities. School buildings really facilitate education, but it’s the drive and motivation of students and teachers that really makes a difference.

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Overvalued Calgary Communities

Calgary communities showcase an enormous level of property and lifestyle diversity. Some Calgary communities can provide several of the most affordable Western Canadian housing options. While other communities can harbour some of the highest valued properties in the country. Overvalued communities become so highly valued and sought after due to their culture, amenities, luxury properties and much more. Considering what community best suits your lifestyle and budget is a key initial aspect of your home buying process. Condos and single-family homes in these six communities can very upscale, though are often quite expensive.

Roxboro was initially established in 1911 as Rideau Park and became Roxboro in 1923. Roxboro became a Calgary community in 1967. This longstanding Calgary community offers gorgeous homes that can offer beautiful views of downtown and can back directly onto the Elbow River. The average home price in Roxboro is roughly 1.4 million dollars. These homes are large, full of stunning appliances, and are built with the highest quality designs and materials. Roxboro is also home to a number of schools and green spaces, as well as the community is a mere 10-minute drive from CalgaryÕs downtown core.

Mount Royal
Located just West of Roxboro is the beautiful community of Mount Royal. These homes are some of the nicest in Calgary and offer an average sales price of nearly 1.3 million dollars. Mount Royal streets are lined with large and beautiful trees and the community offers very easy access to 17th avenues shops, as well as the downtown core. Mount Royal homes can also back onto the Elbow River, which is a reserved property location for only the most affluent Calgary families or property owners.

Eagle Ridge
Eagle Ridge is another highly sought after and valued community to live in. This south Calgary community offers stunning views of the Elbow River and the surrounding forestry. Residents enjoy efficient access to Chinook Centre and to the Earl Grey Gold Club as well as the Calgary Golf and Country Club. Many Eagle Ridge homes were built during the 1970Õs. These homes showcase intricate and glamorous property exteriors, coupled with updated luxury interiors. Homes in Eagle Ridge are commonly priced between 1 and 2 million dollars.

Bel Aire
Bel Aire is a small yet very upscale community located in the centre sector of Calgary. Bel Aire is home to roughly 500 individuals who have an average household net worth of over 6.5 million dollars. The average home in Bel Aire Real Estate costs nearly 1.4 million dollars. Bel Aire has been a Calgary community since 1960 and has represented a location for wealthy families and luxury homes since its inception.

In 2016, Britannia was ranked as the wealthiest neighbourhood in Calgary. With an average home sales price around 2.2 million and an average household net worth of over 7 million dollars, it is easy to see how this community appeals to upscale Calgary homebuyers. With a mere 10 or 11-minute drive to downtown and numerous homes that back onto Riverdale Park or the elbow River, Britannia Real Estate has become an enormously valued Calgary community.

The Obstacles Home Business Owners Face When They Start A Home Business

If you have made up your mind and you are 100% certain about starting a home business, then you might have in mind what product or service you want to market. You should also know that for the first two years you will be devoted to making your business grow. If you are willing to take a huge risk such as this, you will need to be motivated, determined and confident. There are numerous obstacles that you could run into if you don’t take the necessary precautions.

To work your way through the start-up of your business you will need to take the following steps

SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats). By knowing and using this method, you will be aware of what competition you are facing, where your business can grow, and you will get a better understanding of the business market.

Form a business plan. Forming a business plan can be overwhelming and slightly confusing. A business plan should include the audience that will be looking at your plan, an outline of the business plan, a collection of research and data, a general abstract of the market, an inquiry profile, finances, and finally the executive summary.
Funds for the business startup. Do you have the resources needed to start the business or do you need to find the money or money lender?

Naming your business. What will be the name of your business? This is a crucial and significantly important element.

Electing your business structure. Sometimes people get confused due to the business types. You will need to elect the right business partners. The choice you make will cause an impact on your business.

The license and permit. This entails registering your business, you might also need a business identification number, and may also include other tax licenses and zoning permits.

The location. This step also entails many minor tasks such as finding the right location for your business, buying office supplies and equipment and designing your business place.

The insurance. You are responsible for any risks associated to your business. Getting a business insurance will protect your office of any disasters or litigations that could occur.

Lastly, create an accounting system. Many individuals that want to start their own business tend to fail because they get caught up with location and buying supplies and other details that they forget to keep an account of money going in and out. A good option would be to hire a professional accountant that will keep track of the businesses finances.

Consumer Education Tips For Bluetooth Marketing

The popularity of Bluetooth Marketing continues to grow, but many people are still unfamiliar with the concept. Bluetooth Marketing sends coupons, flyers, or other content to cell phones using a wireless Bluetooth connection to a consumer’s cell phone, smart phone, or other Bluetooth enabled device. Consumers must be within the Bluetooth range of the server in order to be contacted by the server. Consumers receive a customized contact message and must opt-in to receiving the advertisement before it is sent. After the consumer has consented, the advertisement – which may be a JPG or GIF image, and MP3 audio file, 3GP video, or other content – is transferred to the consumer’s cell phone via Bluetooth. No identifiable information, including phone numbers, is collected during the flyer transmission.

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This process is cost effective as there are no per message fees for the consumer or the owner of the Bluetooth Marketing server. It is also environmentally friendly as it reduces the number of paper flyers that are created and distributed.Since Bluetooth Marketing is still fairly new, consumers need to be educated about how to receive Bluetooth flyers and they need to be reassured that the flyer is coming from a trusted source. Using print signs along with Bluetooth flyers can significantly improve the performance of an ad campaign. The presence of the sign near the transmitter indicates the location of the Bluetooth transmission so the consumer can identify the transmission’s range and they know where they should be in order to receive the flyer.A good sign should:
Reassure the consumer that the transmission is from a trusted source
Tell the consumer that no personal information, including their phone number, can be collected during the Bluetooth transmission
Instruct the consumer to enable their Bluetooth in order to receive the flyer
Tell the consumer the contents of the flyer they will be receiving
Tell the consumer why they want to accept the flyer
Provide the server’s PIN code in case their phone requests one
Be eye catching and stylish like any good advertisement

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When used at an event, a representative can be used on site to generate excitement. Some Bluetooth Marketing servers are small and can be used as a mobile device with a portable power supply. A representative can easily carry a small server in a backpack while they stroll through a crowd at an event. The representative can engage with people, discuss the product that is being advertised, and show them how to use their cell phones’ Bluetooth. Representatives wearing eye catching outfits will draw attention making it easy to interact with the crowd. The representative should then ask people to turn on their Bluetooth and accept the advertisement, and offer any assistance needed by the consumers.